IS COVID CREATING AN EDUCATION PLANNING CRISIS? | Kasturi Ram College of Higher Eductation

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When the world is facing a deadly virus, Indian students seem to experience another dilemma in their lives which is the dilemma of getting admissions in higher education. COVID-19 has changed the world forever and everyday cases in India are touching new peaks, that will affect millions of students around the globe.

Closure of Institutions, uncertainty regarding conduct of examination of Final year students, unavailability of internship, economic paralysis and no clarity of jobs due to spread of Corona virus pandemic is causing stress among most of the student’s fraternity, education loan taken by them is also adding to strain them further.

Those either enrolled in Foreign Universities or intend to take admissions in higher education are in doldrums. Where to take admission, which country to go for? Whether to confine to their native country? Or delay their education till ambiguity gets cleared? There is a big gloom as what to do or what not to do?But, when going gets tough, it is better to confine yourself within the means you have, rather than taking aggressive decisions, better to wait and watch, remain calm and composed. It is a time to introspect yourself and time to upgrade the skills with the resources available to you within the proximity.

Rote learning may provide degree; but not make the person successful, Join the institution which provides you real life projects, industry training, and interaction with corporate officials. Look for the place whereby you get a platform to express, dwell into solving problems and where you may able to sharpen your critical thinkingwhich is only possible by opting to go for regular degree.Do what you enjoy and pursue your interest, your education/degree may be stepping stone for your job; but if you are really looking forward to build a career, you have to get focus where your passion lies. Joining most reputed institution, does not guarantee success. You have to look for the institution which helps you to excel in your passionate area, which can facilitate you to achieve what you aspire for.

Also, it is the best time to go for the best of the institutions as during the times of pandemic, even best of the educational institutions are sensitized as they are willing to offer the best of the discounts and are ready to provide various financial aids and schemes to the students all over. Corona virus has impacted our livelihood, our education and our health too. In this era, it is better to upscale your learning and enhance your skill as the pandemic has not stopped the learning rather it has enhanced it. So, search for the University, which is well versed in providing quick transition to online learning and make the decision that is best for your future.

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