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Online education vs Offline Education

Online education vs Offline Education

Since the COVID -19 pandemic has disrupted the normal lifestyle of people across the globe, the virtual world has come to the rescue. Many institutions have also shifted their base to virtual platforms to conduct classes online. Consequently, catering to the needs of education at university level, online education has emerged as an alternative to ordinary face to face classes. For many developing countries, e-learning is considered as a solution to the increasing demand for higher education.
Lest anyone think that trend means Professors have fully embraced the value and benefits of online education, though, think again. Professors remain deeply divided about whether online learning can produce student learning outcomes equivalent to face-to-face interaction. Making a continuous effort to provide customised teaching-learning material suitable for online classes is another challenge for Professors to facilitate the online education.
The interaction on online classes keeps teachers and students connected. Apart from education and sharing content, the teachers share their experiences to boost the morale of students. No one can deny this fact that it is very crucial time for learning endeavours. The students getting graduated are concerned about their placements as well as for their further studies. First and second year students are thinking about their internships. However, Covid-19 pandemic has made the situation uncertain but Recruiters may have to think of alternative arrangements for placement interviews, consisting of an online module as well as students may involve themselves in virtual internships for getting some exposure about their field.

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