Bachelor of Arts (Journalism & Mass Communication) is a three – year full time programme conducted by the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi. KRCHE  is one of the top BJMC College of IPU. This much sought after programme has been especially designed to cater to the need of students aspire to make a Career in the field of journalism and mass communication. Almost all aspects of traditional, contemporary and new media have been incorporated in the curriculum of the programme for the maximum benefit of students and to match with the industry requirements. The programme is being run by the college since its inception way back in 2005.


The sole objective of this program is to foster awareness on Media ethics & Journalism in India. We aim to provide highest standard of professional competence to our students that they emerge as ethical, fair and well informed journalist. We believe in elevating abilities in students to make them critical, creative and independent thinkers .We offer a well structured curriculum that provide conceptual clarity, practical inputs which help our students to connect their academic knowledge with the required industry skills. We strongly believe in igniting the passion of being a good journalist, who is an exceptional thought leader. In top BJMC College of IPU

Top BJMC College of IPU


Our track record has been to use highly interactive, participatory and motivational methodologies to deliver lessons to students. Apart from traditional mode of teaching, our faculty members use latest teaching techniques like e – learning, LCD and projectors. Students are also delivered power point presentations on complex topics. For better understanding of certain complex topics, guest lecturers from both academics and industry are invited to deliver lecture on time to time.

Top BJMC College of IPU - KR College


We have state of the art media lab, well equipped with latest tools and technologies for all stream of media ranging from print, audio, visual and cyber. It can be classified as under:

Top BJMC College of IPU


We have fully air conditioned TV production studio equipped with high quality professional grade multi – ten, multi – twenty lightening systems, anchor table, spacious acoustic managed broadcast quality facilities. Multi cam set up, PD 170 cameras, tri – pods, multi set up lights ( M 20, M 10 bay light, back light, cutter stand etc), micro phones are special features of our studio.

Top BJMC College od IPU


FIntegrated digital audio work station equipped with state of the art audio instruments. This fully air conditioned studio is capable of producing all type of radio productions. The studio is backed by latest editing software, digital mixer, sound card, speakers, high grade professional microphones, Lapel mikers, headphones, amplifiers etc.

Top BJMC College of IPU


One dozen SLR cameras and half dozen digital and high quality manual cameras are special feature of the lab.



Code Subject Code Subject
101 Communication Concepts & Processes 102 Print Journalism
103 Contemporary India: An Overview 104 Media Laws & Ethics
105 Introduction to Communication 106 Still Photography
107 Basics of Design & Graphics
Practical/Seminars/Viva Voce Practical
151 Communication Skill Lab 152 Print Journalism Lab
153 Contemporary India: Issues and Debates(Seminars/Presentations) 154 Still Photography Lab
155 Design & Graphics Lab – I 156 Design and Graphics Lab – II
Elective Courses (Select any one from the following) Elective Courses (Select any one from the following)
107 Personality Development 108 Health Communication
109 Writing Skills 110 Sports Journalism
111 Indian Culture (For Foreign Students Only)*
Practical /Viva Voce (Select corresponding lab based on elective course) Practical /Viva Voce (Select corresponding lab based on elective course)
157 Personality Development Lab 158 Health Communication Lab
159 Writing Skills Lab 160 Sports Journalism Lab
Code Subject Code Subject
201 Development & Communication 202 Basics of Advertising
203 Basics of Radio Programming & Production 204 Basics of Public Relations
205 Basics of Video Camera, Lights & Sound 206 Television Programming & Production
251 Radio Production Lab 252 Advertising Lab
253 Video Production Lab 254 Public Relations Lab
255 Summer Training Report 256 Television Production Lab
Elective Courses (Select any one from the following) Elective Courses (Select any one from the following)
207 Radio Jockeying and News Reading 208 Television News: Reporting and Anchoring
209 Video Editing 210 Corporate Communication
Practical /Viva Voce(Select corresponding lab based on elective course) Practical /Viva Voce(Select corresponding lab based on elective course)
257 Radio Jockeying and News Reading Lab 258 Television News: Reporting and Anchoring Lab
259 Video Editing Lab 260 Corporate Communication Lab
Code Subject Code Subject
301 Basics of New Media 302 Media Management and Entrepreneurship
303 Media Research 304 Global Media: An Overview
305 Event Editing 306 Environment Communication
Practical/ Viva Voce Practical/ Viva Voce
351 New Media Lab 352 Final Project and Comprehensive Viva
353 Media Research Lab
355 Event Management Lab
357 Functional Exposure Report

FACULTY – BA (JMC) – 1st & 2nd SHIFT

S. No. Name of the Faculty Academic/Professional Qualification (Graduation onwards) Date of Joining Experience Designation
1. Dr. Gopal Thakur B.A. (H), M.Sc., MBA, PGD, Ph.D. 01/01/2011 20 Years Associate Professor
2. Dr. Upasna Khurana BJMC, M.Sc. – MCAJ, M.Phil., Ph.D. 25/07/2011 11 Years Associate Professor
3. Mr. Surender Pal Singh BJ(MC), M.A(J&MC) 17/07/2017 12 Years Assistant Professor
4. Mr. Akashdeep Singh B.A., M.A.(Mass Comm.), NET(Journ.), Ph.D. (Pursuing) 17/07/2017 4 Years Assistant Professor
5. Ms. Priyanka Sharma BJ(MC), M.A.(Mass Comm), Diploma in Graphic Designing 02/01/2017 5.5 Years Assistant Professor
6. Ms. Garima Lamba BJ(MC), MJ(MC), PGD in Public Relation 01/08/2018 2 Year Assistant Professor
7. Ms. Dimple Arora BJ(MC), MMC, PG in Public Relations, Ph.D.(Pursuing) 17/07/2017 4 Years Assistant Professor
8. Ms. Aastha Raheja BJMC, MMc, Certificate Course of Graphic Designing 01/08/2016 4 Years Assistant Professor
9. Ms. Priyanka Singh BJMC, MJMC 01/08/2019 Fresher Assistant Professor
10. Ms. Garima Nagpal BJ(MC), MJ(MC) 01/03/2019 5 Years Assistant Professor
11. Ms. Prerna Sharma B.A.(H), MA (Mass Communication), UGC NET 01/05/2019 2.5 Years Assistant Professor

Top BJMC College of IPU KRCHE